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MANTRA - Nebulizing Diffuser


The Mantra Nebulizing Diffuser adds elegance to any room with a stunning handmade wooden base, engraved Mantra logo, and custom blown glass top. It’s the most effective diffuser on the market, and silently nebulizes essential oil with no heat or water. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion! The purest way to diffuse essential oils. No dilution required. Uses no heat or water, maintaining the holistic properties of the oils. Elegant handmade wooden base and custom blown glass with artistic craftsmanship. Has soothing LED mood lighting with on/off touch sensor. Silently nebulizes using the Bernoulli’s Principle.



ALIGN YOUR CHAKRAS. ENLIVEN YOUR SENSES. Your body possesses an unspoken wisdom that often goes neglected. These sources of energy–also known as your chakras–lend power to your everyday pursuits, regulate your body’s processes, and guide your state of well-being throughout the day.Mantra Essential Oils was created to help you tap into these innermost points of energy. Experience each for their own therapeutic properties, uncover deeper levels of you with each bottle of Mantra Essential Oils.   - Breathe - Relax - Focus  - Energy  - Restore  - Sleep  



Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and have been used for thousands of years in healing and wellness rituals. Their scents can help lift your mood and make you feel more at peace.   100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - Peppermint - Lemon - Frankincense  - Clary Sage - Lavender - Tea Tree - Eucalyptus



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