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Las Vegas Metaphysical, CBD, & Crystals Store Grand Opening

DATE:June 05, 2019BY:Ashley K. Shift

Someone once said "Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams and a little bit of crazy!" They weren't lying!" When I first decided to move to Vegas, just my girls and I...with no set plan...no set place to live...and no furniture.....

If you would have told me that in only 6 months I would be opening up my own cbd & crystal store... debt free, with no loans and no investors! I don't know if I would have believed you!


Nothing worth having comes easy. It took a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of WORK to make my hopes and dreams come true, I am grateful beyond words to be living this life.

Hacked by Nature is officially open and our grand opening was a major success. I can't thank everyone enough for supporting my vision and our new Head Quarters!


I'm happy to be introducing to the people of Las Vegas my vision, a place that connects both their spiritual and wellness needs. Somewhere the community can come together, a place that offers love, support, resources, tools and education.

We have everything from CBD, Crystals, Sage, and The SHIFT KIT, as well as classes, workshops and so many events!


I am taking the tools that work for me in my everyday life that have helped me heal, helped me succeed, and most of all helped me realize my truth, and speak my truth. With the SHIFT KIT I have manifested my desires into reality.

You have the power to SHIFT your life in a desirable direction

Join me on this journey!

Ashley K. Shift




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